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September 01, 2021
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What’s New: Field Cloning, Default Contract Preferences, and More

What’s New: Field Cloning, Default Contract Preferences, and More

Over the past several weeks, we’ve released some exciting new features including several new TREC & TAR contracts, the ability to save preferred offer terms, and an enhanced custom document experience. Plus, we have an exciting update! Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Enhanced Custom Document Experience: Field Cloning

Our custom document tool got an exciting update this release. If you're not familiar, our custom document tool allows you to upload any document to Jointly, map fields (signatures, initials, and more), assign those fields to different roles (buyer 1, seller 2, etc.), and add these documents to your contract set to be delivered with your offer.

In an effort to streamline custom document mapping on Jointly even further, we’ve introduced a new feature—field cloning. Field cloning allows you to duplicate fields, like initials or signatures, across multiple pages with just a few clicks. Just drag and drop the field on the page, assign it a role, click clone, and select which pages you’d like the field to be added to.

Introducing Default Offer Preferences

Wish you could get your offer submitted even faster? Now you can with our latest feature—default offer preferences. The new feature allows you to set default terms for your contracts so you have even less fields to complete when drafting offers.

For instance, you can now set your default escrow period to 32 days and Jointly will automatically choose the best closing date that doesn't fall on a holiday or weekend.

With default offer preferences, you can set preferred terms for the following contract fields:

  • Days to close
  • Option period
  • Option fee
  • Financing type
  • Third party financing type
  • If the loan is adjustable
  • Title policy purchaser
  • If the title policy will be amended
  • Title policy amendment purchaser
  • Days for seller to provide the SDN
  • If the property is accepted as-is
  • Buyer objections
  • New survey purchaser
  • Days prior to closing the seller will provide survey
  • Days prior to closing the buyer will provide survey
  • Seller's home warranty contribution

While writing an offer, you can easily overwrite these fields if needed or update them at any time in your profile settings.

To set your preferred contract terms, click “Profile” and “Manage Profile” on the left hand navigation menu. Then, navigate to “Contract Preferences” and “TX Contract Preferences.” In the Contract Preferences tab, you can also set your brokerage, license, and preferred title and escrow information.

New TREC Contracts: Condo New Construction, Lot & Land

As of our latest release, Jointly can now support the purchase and sale of new construction condominium properties, as well as lot and land properties. Just as you can with single-family home and condo resales, you can now use Jointly to draft and receive offers on residential condominium new construction listings—both incomplete and complete—and unimproved property listings.

If you’re drafting and submitting an offer on a property, you’ll now have the option to choose between the following property types:

  • Single Family Home - Resale
  • Condo/Townhome - Resale
  • Single Family Home - New Construction
  • Condo/Townhome - New Construction
  • Lot/Land

The property type will be selected by default based on property data from the MLS, and Jointly will automatically pull in the necessary forms required for each property type—making drafting an offer quick and easy.

The same goes for the listing side. You’ll now be able to claim listings for all of the property types listed above.

Jointly is live in Houston!

Our team is thrilled to announce that Jointly is now available in Houston! This is our first expansion outside of the Austin metropolitan area and we couldn’t be more excited. Now, Houston-based real estate agents will be able to use Jointly for both drafting and receiving offers for properties listed on HAR.

We’re looking forward to our continued expansion into additional Texas markets in the coming months. You can sign up to get early access to the Jointly offer management platform in San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth. When you sign up for early access, you’ll be the first to know when we go live in your market. Plus, you’ll receive updates on new features as they’re rolled out.

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