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March 30, 2022
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What’s New: A new and more flexible way to manage offers

What’s New: A new and more flexible way to manage offers

With our latest release, we’re excited to introduce a new and more flexible way to manage offers in Jointly.

In real estate, we know that no one offer is ever the same.

Which is why as an agent, you not only need a tool that makes managing offers easier, you need a tool that gives you the flexibility to handle any situation that might arise—with both speed and accuracy.

So what’s changed, and how is it different from the way offers were handled previously?

Check out this quick video for a rundown of what’s new or keep reading below.

Sign and send documents your way

We’ve made drafting offers more flexible so you can draft and complete documents as you see fit. With this update, you’ll no longer have to finalize every addenda before sending the offer to your client for signature. Instead, you can draft partially completed offers and send documents to your client to sign when you’re ready.

After you’ve invited your client to collaborate on the offer, any incomplete documents will automatically be sent to your client to review and sign once you’ve completed them. Even after you submit your offer to the listing agent, you can continue to add documents if needed.

Freely edit documents when needed

Not only have we made it easier to add documents to an offer, we’ve also made it easier to edit them. Now, you can edit a specific document without having to resend the entire offer packet for signature. 

To edit a document, simply select the document from your completed tasks, edit the term you’d like to update, and Jointly will resend the updated document to your client to sign.

Upload offers received outside of Jointly

On the listing side of the transaction, you can now easily update and manage offers you’ve received outside of Jointly. When you upload an offer to Jointly, you can add key offer terms and upload the contract along with any other offer documents. All of this is optional so you only need to add the terms or documents you’d like to see in Jointly.

By uploading any offers you receive outside of Jointly, you can easily present and compare offers within Jointly, maintain a record of all offers for compliance, and execute the offer if your client decides to accept it.

Maintain control over your transactions

This update also provides you with greater control over your transactions, even if actions are being taken outside of Jointly. Now, you can manually mark a contract as executed or terminated to ensure your transactions in Jointly remain up-to-date.

What else is new:

In addition to these updates to make managing offers more flexible, we’ve introduced some other new features to make your Jointly experience even better:

  • Keep offer communications in one place. Now, you can message participants directly from within an offer. Remind your client to sign a document or send an update to all collaborating parties.
  • Improved navigation. Easily identify whether you’re viewing a Buyer or Listing Overview or an individual offer. Buyer and Listing Overviews are spaces where you can collaborate with clients, whereas at the offer level, you can collaborate with all cooperating parties.
  • Warning messages to avoid contract inconsistencies. Jointly will automatically identify changes that cause inconsistencies in your contracts, so you never have a contract issue when drafting an offer again.

To learn more about managing offers with Jointly and the different offer actions you can take, head to or reach out to our support team any time with questions.

If you have an ideas for how we can make Jointly even better, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what new features you'd like to see.

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